I am often reluctant to post any testimonials from a client as confidentiality is the essence of every session. I am advised however that this is what people like to read so have posted a few here of some of the more generic Thank you letters I receive. It is hard to sum up in a few testimonials how well NLP can work for you and how much it can bring positively in to your life. It is really far better that you call me to chat or email and see how well we can get on. Each person is an individual and as such needs individual assessment and help to get what they want. As requested though the following testimonials were received from clients happy to have them included on to the webpage.

“I never realised how quickly I could change. I feel good again"

"For the first time in 2 years I don't have that black cloud following me. Thank you"

"I am writing to tell you I applied for and was accepted on that course I wanted. I would never have believed that I could feel this confident"

"I was not working due to my M.E and the resulting depression made me feel unable to face the future. I am now back at work and have booked a wee holiday, something I previously would not of thought possible"

"I thought that we were heading for the divorce courts but now feel that for the first time in a long while we are able to explain what we both need and actually talk about it"

These are just a very small sample of feedback I have received from happy clients. If they have related to you and you are interested and want to learn more just give me a call. If what you want to change or the issue you are dealing with is not on this page, please remember this is just a small sample. Call me to discuss it further, I will be happy to help.

Our initial session is always free and lets you have a chance to see how well NLP can work for you. It also enables us to decide how well we can work together. There is no obligation to book a further session unless you are totally convinced it is the right thing for you. I have a lot of clients that come to me through word of mouth recommendation and this initial stage is important in ensuring success.


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