What happens during an NLP session?

After you have called or emailed me we will arrange our initial session. This can now be by phone, Skype or you can come to see me. The initial session, usually 30 minutes ,though sometimes this can be a bit longer as I can talk a lot, it is always free to enable us to get to know each other better, discuss what is bothering you and in general decide how best I can be of help. Following this initial contact we can arrange further sessions to suit your individual needs.

I want every NLP session to be relaxed, fun and enjoyable for you. It will be flexible and tailored to you combining NLP techniques and methods to provide you with the fastest possible results that benefit you. We are all individuals and as such learn at different rates and pace ourselves differently. Your NLP session will be tailored to meet your needs.

There are various ways I can help:

By phone, If you live too far away (I am in the West of Scotland) you can call me and we can work together this way. I will email you out pre session questionnaires and forms which you email back to me prior to our first session. This enables us to have a very productive introduction where we can you discuss any issues raised and decide how best to move forward.

By Skype: same as phone in that I will send you by email the questionnaires well before our session and then we can chat face to face on Skype and find the best way to give you the quickest results.

At my home: After initial contact I will email or post you out the pre session questionnaires, which you will return to me before your first arranged session. Then we arrange a suitable time for you to come to see me here. We can have a tea, coffee or hot chocolate or just water, if you are being good and can establish the most effective way to help you get what you are looking for.

Because I strongly believe that NLP is of value to everyone I am keeping my hourly rate at an accessible level. There are no hidden costs.

For phone consultations: £40 per hour.30 minute sessions available at £20

For Skype: £40 per hour .30 minute session£20

In Person with me at.: £45 an hour

Payment can be made by PAYPAL or cheque or cash.