Feed the positive and let go the negative.

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Remember ,always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And ,then you destroy yourself. Richard  M Nixon.

Love him or hate him this is actually very good advice .We need to learn to be true to our own beliefs and take responsibility for our own decisions and always make sure we are totally committed to what we are doing to get the best out of our lives

Every decision has a consequence some good, some bad and we cannot avoid that, but if our initial  choice  and subsequent action was based completely on what we believe, with a positive heart and intent, then we are less likely to regret our actions and more likely to learn positively from them and move forward in life.

Sometimes, particularly when we have given a 100% and someone then criticizes us, it is very easy and quite natural to get irritated and angry with them for not recognizing the effort we have made and the positive intention behind it. Sometimes this misunderstanding is created because of poor communication skills and that can easily be resolved. However ,occasionally it is not possible to resolve such issues and we have to accept that we do not always see things the same way as each other and we must just accept that different people have different opinions and let any angst we have had towards them go, as we go on our own way.

The most important thing is not to carry that hurt or anger on with us and allow it to impact our next choice, our next decision or make us not try as hard or even worse withdraw from doing anything. That is actually not achieving anything other than letting someone, who has perhaps wronged you or judged you unfairly win .It means that you are in fact hurting yourself twice as much as they could. Firstly by taking their unfair criticism to heart and secondly by then letting it change you as a person. People only have the power over us we choose to give them. If we change ourselves to solely meet another person’s needs but not our own then we are changing for the worse and not the better. We must learn to have enough self-confidence to have a positive belief in our own abilities, which then enables us work in partnership with others. This in turn creates healthier and happier relationships and a healthier happier life.

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I am a Tarot reader and a Master practitioner of NLP. I have advanced Diplomas in Crystal Therapy, Magical Herbalism, Shadow Therapy, Angel Magic, Moon Magic, The Law of Attraction and I am a Spiritual Life Coach. Together, I use all of these techniques intuitively, to specialise in providing an all round service, to help identify what is holding you back from the goals and dreams you wish to manifest. And, to assist you to finally be able to achieve them.

10 thoughts on “Feed the positive and let go the negative.

  1. This is exactly what I’m trying to do! Thank you so much for sharing your wise words! I’m 36 and still learning and growing. I’ve actually made it a challenge for myself to become less anxious about what others think of me and to do what makes me feel good about myself. This is my new mantra:
    Forget All That, Live Your Life Anyway…or, FAT LYLA!
    I’ve set up challenges for myself, big and small to help me build self-confidence. One challenge was to reach out to other bloggers who are demonstrating confidence or ways to build it. It’s called the Liebster Award. Do you mind if I nominate you for one? It’s more like a blogger’s activity to share advice or information about yourself, rather than an “award”, but I would love it if you participated just the same. What do you think?

    1. Hi and thank you so much for the positive feedback which I greatly appreciate.I think you are taking the best possible action to make yourself and those around you happier.It is too easy to get bothered by what other peoples opinions and we have all have been, if we are honest,
      at some point in our lives , but a real strength to be able to accept them and still be true to yourself.You are obviously going to be strong enough to be able to do that and I will look forward to following your blog to hear all about it. I am really flattered that you would consider nominating me for a Liebster award but as I have already had one not sure I would qualify.One of the things I love about blogging is getting to meet and share ideas with others and I am always happy to do that.Keep in touch,All the best,Karen

  2. Aw, I’m not at all surprised that you were nominated already. I’ll be sure to follow your blog and get some great insight on how to live my life better. Thanks for writing back. Please do keep in touch.

    1. Thanks appreciate that. I read your blog and loved it. I will definitely be happy to keep reading and be inspired by you. I loved your honestly and humour it was very refreshing to read x

      1. Thanks, your words mean more to me than you can imagine. Some days I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into, and have a twinge of regret for being so honest, but that usually goes away after reading other blog posts…and eating chocolate.

      2. Everything is always better after chocolate …Unfortunately lol No I think your honestly is your strength and you are doing exactly the right thing.Never waste a moment regretting taking action to change your life positively x

  3. i find your blog and your fb page utterly inspiring. i am starting an inspirational online youth magazine. please give me the permission to republish your blog there.

    1. Thank you very much . I am more than happy for you to republish my blog and wish you success with your magazine it is a wonderful idea .Please send me a link when you start and keep in touch to let me know how you get on. Best wishes, Karen

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