The Fool

The Fool in tarot generally is considered a New beginning something which requires a leap of faith and childlike optimism .

How many times perhaps have you failed to take the opportunities that came up because you were too scared to take the chance or because you lacked the self confidence to try.

After the opportunity has passed have you wondered what would it have been like to do it ? What it might have felt like to just take that chance ?

Opportunities arise around us all of the time . We simply need to start to look for them . A good way to improve this is to start to notice one thing positive you have done each day , one thing that made you happy and one thing that made you feel good about yourself. Write them down . Keep writing them down and at the end of one week you will have begun to learn what inspires you and raises your energy . Keep it up for longer and you will find that you are more able to replenish your energy and you will begin to recognise what makes you feel good . This way when the opportunities come to you , you will instantly know whether taking them would make you feel good or not . If it would then you simply have to take that leap of faith.

Tarot cards Halloween tarot by Karin Lee. Art by Kipling West Publisher US Games

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I am a Tarot reader and a Master practitioner of NLP. I have advanced Diplomas in Crystal Therapy, Magical Herbalism, Shadow Therapy, Angel Magic, Moon Magic, The Law of Attraction and I am a Spiritual Life Coach. Together, I use all of these techniques intuitively, to specialise in providing an all round service, to help identify what is holding you back from the goals and dreams you wish to manifest. And, to assist you to finally be able to achieve them.

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