Moon Magic & Witch Balls

The focus of my magical practice has always been working with the Moon and all her 8 lunar phases.

A main part of my practice involves making Magical Witch Balls intending to bring love , happiness , protection , self love and many other positive energies into your home.

Recently I have made a few Witch Balls for remembrance, to assist people to heal and recover their equilibrium after losing someone or a pet they love . These Balls are designed to give love and support to help sustain and connect to a higher power to enable comfort and healing . If interested message me and we can discuss this more.

**At the moment all my Witch balls are sold through my Etsy store but I will be listing ways to buy them through this site soon. **

Each moon phase brings with it its own particular magical energy and I believe that this energy can be harnessed ,to help intensify, the magical intention I have for the ball/balls being made.

If e.g. I was working on a Witch Ball intended to give a fresh start to a couple in their New home ,then I would make it during a New moon. This is a perfect phase for new beginnings / new intentions and goal setting . Making it perfect for a fresh start. I may later then add in some supportive energy by layering in some of the other energies from different lunar phases,depending what had been requested. The end result will be a powerful magical intention for them in the Witch Ball to hang up in their home .

What are Witch Balls?

A Witch Ball, historically, was hung in the window to ward off evil spirits , banish ill fortune,and drive away any negativity from the home.

Witch Balls are still used for protection but are now also becoming an increasingly popular way to bring positive magical energy in to the home. The Balls can be created to focus on wishes / intentions such as bringing love in , abundance, confidence blessings, prosperity, happy marriage and much more.Whatever the desire the principle remains the same. The ball is created with magical intent using the moon phases to raise the metaphysical ,magical qualities of the contents and bind them to work together in the home , helping to create positive energy and manifest whatever is desired.

How does it work?

To me ,very simply put, Magic is using the power of your intention to change the energy around you, to be able to then attract to you ,what you desire to manifest.

A Witch Ball is a magically charged visual representation of what your intention is. You can see it and you can feel the energy coming from the magical correspondences within it.

The contents inside have been specifically chosen and charged with the correct magical moon energy phase in order to be aligned with your intention. This makes the witch ball a perfect focal point for your energy. Using that new energy from within the ball, alongside your specific intention , you can then focus on manifesting your intention ,as you align your energy, to move towards what you want .

It is important to have a specific intention to bring about change. The universe brings to you what you are looking for . So if you want happiness then you must focus on the things that make you happy. Think about telling a child “don’t touch “

Or if someone shouts “don’t look behind you “ what do you do? What does the child do ? Well you would look behind and the child would touch.

That’s because our brains do not hear the negative . They focus on what they believe you want. So touch and look behind .

Don’t believe me ? Then think about the last time a friend of yours got a new car . I bet you never noticed that car before but the likelihood is that you will now see it everywhere . Why ? Because your brain has switched on to look for it ,as you want to see your friend . So how does this relate to the power of the Witch Ball? The witch balls magical , specifically targeted energy helps to keep you focussed on what you want.

That is a very powerful magical tool to have beside you when you seek to bring about positive magical change .

Where to use a Witch Ball ?

In and around the home to raise positive magical energy and give focus .

As well as in the home ,Witch Balls are perfect for weddings.Can you imagine how magical and powerful the energy would be of these beautiful balls, hanging in the area of your ceremony, and afterwards , having soaked up all that love and positive energy ,they can be hung around the home to bring some of that wonderful positive and magical energy back in to your home. Or, they can be given as beautiful gift after the ceremony to spread the love to special people.Pair them with some beautiful small spell/ intention bottles as favours and have a truly memorable and magical experience.

Witch Balls are perfect as a unique gift to a loved one . If for a romantic partner we can discuss the message /meaning you wish to share with them and together choose items to go in that match it. Then the Witch Ball can be charged under the perfect lunar phase ,to add the magical lunar energy ,and the end result a truly romantic and unique love message .

Witch Balls are also great as a gift for a special friend. Your own message can be sent with the ball to them along with a detailed letter of how and why it was created .

You can choose a Witch Ball for yourself. To help you to change energy, and to help boost intention and focus and move you forward towards a new you or a happier you .

They are perfects as a unique house warming present .

And, as a unique wedding gifts

If a witch ball falls and breaks , it has simply done it a job and needs to be replaced or changed if intention has changed . It is the same if the colour fades.

* I can also make a witch Ball in acrylic Ball instead of Glass ,if glass is not desired because of young children or pets around and the potential risk of broken glass. Just advise me of your choice when placing a n order *

Simply dispose of carefully . Recycle the glass if you can and bury the contents in your garden or if you don’t have a garden then in a plant pot or in compost .

Spell Intention Bottles

These come in all sizes from very small to 100ml . They are also charged in the moonlight and in the moon phase that corresponds to the intention of the bottle . Like the Witch ball they can be a wonderful magical intention focus and a source of lovely positive energy . Place anywhere for an energy boost . As they are smaller they can be placed quite unobtrusively in any area and the smallest can be carried with you if wrapped carefully .

Each item made has a silver pentacle attracted, except the smallest bottles. Although I can add this to them f you desire, just message me.

The pentacle is silver as this is the metal that works best with the Moon energy in my opinion . It is detachable and can be carried discretely with you for an extra boost when needed or simply for luck. If you do not want one attached just let me know.

If you have a specific idea in mind for a bespoke Witch Ball please just message me .

Prices start at £15 for a 10cm ball . These are Witch Balls made for general intention such as happiness , love , protection , abundance etc. Have a look in my Etsy shop .

With different moon phases I always create some Witch Balls . Each one will have carefully selected herbs , spices , different moss types , leaves or ferns flowers and different crystals placed inside . Each component chosen for its special metaphysical and magical properties. Each will be charged with my intent, to work with that Moon magic, to bring a specific desire/ intention for you . Intentions such as Happiness, Love , Self Love , confidence , anti anxiety, comfort , financial abundance and such like. The sort of magic we all want to attract in to our lives. I am very particular about the selection I put in to each ball . As well as creating an item of power, I want them all to work well together and to be an item of beauty.. My desire is that when you first see your ball you are delighted and feel the positive energy coming from within. Each Witch Ball is created with love and positive intention. Each item being placed inside is cleared and blessed . I believe that when you study the pictures of the Balls you will be drawn to the one that you need to have in your life . It’s energy will call to you . Sometimes it is not what you thought you wanted but the universe guides you to what you need .

I also take order to make bespoke Witch balls . Ones created to meet very specific needs or desires If you wish a ball to be created please message me . The price depends upon the selected contents of the ball, but we can discuss this and adjust as required.

Ready charged balls can be dispatched within 1/2 days . Bespoke balls will take longer as they will be made to correspond with appropriate moon phase. This can be discussed before ordering .

Any questions please message me . I am happy to advise you .

Please note that the contents inside are not fixed and so can be moved during travel which can alter position inside ball


I charge these Balls based upon my personal belief and with the intention to bring the metaphysical, magical properties of each item in to your lives. I put a lot of love and magical energy in to my creations but must advise you that I am not medically qualified and would advise you if you have any medical concerns then please go see a qualified medical practitioner.The Witch Balls are not a substitute for medical attention .

The choices you make remain your sole personal and legal responsibility. If you require specific financial, medical, legal or other advice, you should seek a suitable licensed professional.