Oracle Readings

Oracle cards are different from tarot cards as they are a more fluid system with a modern feel to them. Their ability to tap into our inner selves however is equivalent to Tarot and they often can complement each other when used together but are also perfect on their own for a clear insight in to anything you wish to have answered .

Carl Jung, the considered father of analytical psychology, believed that meaningful coincidences (Synchronicity) allow us to tap in to or tune in to the greater conscious of the world. He described the collective unconscious which exists in each of us. Both tarot and Oracle cards are able to use these to provide us with information about ourselves and give us guidance about our lives. When you choose a card to answer a specific question your thoughts tap into the collective unconscious and you get the answer that you need to hear right now. An experienced and intuitive reader can easily describe for you what the cards mean, be they Tarot, Oracle or a combination of both and lead you forward on what can be a magical journey of self-awareness and success.

I have a large and varied Oracle and Tarot deck collection. If you have a question regarding differing topics (e.g. love, finances, business or family) I will have a specific decks available to choose which will be suited to your question.

Oracle Card Services:

A Single Card Reading: This can be useful if you want daily motivation, for meditation or if you want guidance on a question. A single card can be very useful in giving you the energy of the day so you can plan ahead. It is quick, easy, simple yet effective.

Price – £3.00

A 3 Card Spread: The 3 cards represent past influences affecting present situation, present influences and potential future influences. This is a great spread for general quick guidance. It creates a good focal point to assist you in seeing the energies around and helping you to work with them in whatever way suits you best. It can also be taken as revealing the problem you face, the solution you require and any advice which will help you overcome this situation. This spread could also look into yourself, your partner and your relationship. Alternatively, it could also be used to look at your current state of mind, your body and your spirit. There are many options open to you.

Price – £9.00

Law of Attraction Manifestation Spread: This spread uses four phases of the moon as a guidance. Card 1 shows what you are manifesting during the Dark Moon phase. Card 2 tells you what you need to learn during the Waxing Moon phase in order to make your manifestation real. Card 3 reveals how you will be able to achieve your goal during the Full Moon stage. Card 4 tells you what you need to let go off during the Waning Moon phase which will help the Universe manifest your goal.

Price – £12.00

A 5 Card Spread: This is when you seek a more in depth answer to your question. This well enlighten you to the energies around you, factors influencing you, things you need to consider, potential assistance for you and future outcomes. This spread can be used to answer many questions, for example, it could show you how to deal with a difficult situation.

Price – £15.00

Overcoming Issues Spread: Card 1 reveals the underlying energy to the situation you are dealing with. Card 2 shows how the energy is impacting you. Card 3 tells you the actions you can take to help you feel better about it. Card 4 gives advice from the Universe/Spirit Guides/Angels. Card 5 reveals how you can overcome the situation. Card 6 give additional guidance.

Price – £18.00

Life’s Purpose Spread: Card 1 reveals your life’s purpose. Card 2 shows how you can learn to use this purpose. Card 3 tells you ways to enhance your own life. Card 4 shows what you are avoiding. Card 5 reveals the obstacles you need to overcome. Card 6 gives you the best way to move forward. Card 7 give you useful advice on how to succeed. Card 8 tells you what signs you need to look out for from the Universe which will help you achieve your goals.

Price – £18.00

Any Oracle reading can also be combined with other techniques to give you more out of each reading. I can also alter any Oracle spread to be a Tarot Reading and vice versa.

With all the above I am available to answer any questions that you may have regards your reading. Happy to reply to any email as I want you to get the most out of every reading and for the readings to provide you the very best support with any issue.

If you wish to buy more than one reading, maybe because you have more than one question you want answered or you are interested in regular readings, I am happy to offer a discount please just email me beforehand.

Note: Once you have made your purchase you will need to email me the question you want answered from the reading, your order number and your name.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Law in several countries I must inform you that Tarot and Oracle readings is given for entertainment purposes only. The accuracy of any reading cannot be guaranteed. Any decisions and/or choices you make based upon the readings remains your sole personal and legal responsibility. If you require specific financial, medical, legal or other advice, you should seek a suitable licensed professional.
To use this service you must be over 18 years of age. By scheduling and or paying for any service offered by Positive-Changes you are attesting that you have read this disclaimer and accept these terms of service and that you are aged 18 or older
. Please read the full disclaimer, which can be found on my disclaimer page, before making any purchases.