Tarot and NLP

Tarot and NLP combined.

Tarot works exceptionally well alongside NLP to provide additional information about what is impacting your life. Together they create an advanced technique which enhances the process of working through issues or blockages, often rapidly identifying factors in your life which you may not have recognised were having such a big effect on you. The cards can see where you presently are on your path and can identify possible solutions for you to consider as you go forwards. Immediately you should see and feel the benefit from recognising and understanding the problems, which, in turn, will allow you to look at the solutions. 

The combination of Tarot and NLP is, in my view, very effective to help clear any underlying fears you may have not been aware of, or blockages that were hidden. Knowing these and how they make you feel is a big part in being able to clear them and let you move forward. Frequently the cards reflect the positive changes that you make which is a great energy boost. The tarot cards can identify clearly your inner feelings which makes it easier to discuss issues. The cards act like a kind of mind map. A map that pinpoints where we need to focus our attention to get the quickest and best results. Once that has been identified we can work together using NLP techniques to clear blockages and re-frame how you are thinking. The cards allow us to disassociate from emotions that can prevent us from healing. When we feel the emotion e.g. anger, fear, guilt we tend to switch off and are not able to look further as to why we may be feeling that way. By using the tarot cards alongside NLP techniques, we have a powerful tool to look at things in a different and often enlightening perspective.

If you are not comfortable with using Tarot cards, NLP on its own is a very effective method. On the other hand, Tarot cards are also very effective, when used on their own, in helping gain more insight into your life. I can apply whatever method best suits you to meet your needs.

How will this service be provided?

If you have a particular issue you would like to discuss, we can have a look at doing a full Celtic Cross Tarot reading for you, details of which can be found under the Tarot Page. From there we can discuss the outcome from the reading and decide the best approach to help you move forward using NLP techniques and method. After which we can arrange a NLP session where we can discuss this further. This can be a one off appointment or we can arrange a regular session where we can track progression and continue guidance until you are where you want to be or are on the right path.

As this is a new service which I am offering. I am currently running this option at a reduced rate.

Combination – Celtic Cross & NLP Session: This includes the Celtic Cross Tarot reading followed by an NLP session which you can arrange via email.

Price – £60.00 This includes the reduced rate.

Combination – 4 Celtic Cross & 4 NLP Sessions: This gives the option to have a series of regular NLP sessions following your Celtic Cross reading. This would be useful if you want guidance in how to get yourself back on to the right track.

Price – £180.00 This includes the reduced rate.

Note: Once you have made your purchase you will need to email me the question you want answered from the reading, your order number and your name.

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