What is Tarot?

Tarot is a system of symbolic images on cards which are used by some as a form of divination and for meditation. They have been around in one form or another since the 15th Century. One deck of cards consists of a total of 78 cards. Of which, there are 22 Major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. Arcana means “hidden knowledge”. Each card has a specific meaning dependent upon where it is placed in a spread and what cards are adjacent to it in the same spread. My job as a Tarot Reader is to be able to tell you what the cards are saying in relation to your specific question. Carl Jung the father of analytical psychology believed in a collective unconscious. The collective unconscious was the name that Jung gave to deep subconscious feelings and characteristics which we all share as human beings. These provide the wellspring of symbols and archetypes from which we can understand who we are. Tarot is full of such archetypes and seems to link well to the concepts described by Jung. For whatever reason Tarot is able to draw on the Universe and our inner selves to direct person specific information to help answer your most important questions.

I believe Tarot provides a framework which can be used to analyse a problem or a specific situation. Once you provide your question, I can use Tarot to explore potential options, as reflected in the cards for the future as well as looking at energies from the past and present that could be affecting your situation. This can help you look at your life in a different way and explore things you may not have previously considered. The cards are not set in stone. They can show potential trends and opportunities or potential problems that you can then work on avoiding. Tarot gives you insight and can empower you to take control of your life.

I have found that when people think of Tarot, they think of fortune telling which can be both exciting and scary. I do not use Tarot that way. I want you to look at the cards as an amazing self-help tool, a tool for self-discovery and as a way for you to take back your own personal power. Tarot is a non-judgemental helpful guide and friend.

This does not mean that I do not think the cards have an amazing and magical energy around them, I do, that is how they work. But, I believe it is one which you control. The power and the solution is always in your hands. Tarot will provide clear and concise guidance, giving you a path forward.

I believe that Tarot is one of the most useful ways to have a detached look at the path that you following and address the issues you may be having from a different point of view. This will enable you to find the best way to navigate your life. If you do not like what you see, you have the power to change what you are doing, and the cards will reflect the change. Through my experience as a life-coach, I can offer guidance on good self-help ways to do this.

Tarot can also be used to help you build up your self-confidence. It can teach you to understand and value yourself more, with the right guidance the cards can be a very beneficial self-help tool. Tarot can provide a nice visual pat on the back as you see your path moving towards your goals. This can boost your self-confidence and help give you the energy to keep moving forward.

Tarot reading Services:

I offer tarot readings on their own as an insight into any issues you may have. You will need to provide me with your question and I will provide you with a choice of card decks for you to choose from or I can pick one which I feel would suit you best. Once I have this information I can perform the Tarot reading, send photographs of the spread and give my analysis of the cards. With all the card readings I offer, whether Tarot, Oracle or a combination, I am always happy to answer any questions that you may have regards your reading just contact me via email or telephone.

I do not read reversals. I know a lot of readers like to do this but personally I feel that the cards themselves have two sides and depending upon the cards next to them in the spread, they clearly tell their own story without the need to be reversed. My experience is that some clients are afraid of reversals. There is nothing to be afraid of in any tarot deck whether reversed or upright. The cards are there for guidance and nothing is written in stone. If you have any anxiety at all let me be your guide and help you find your path through with the help of the cards.

If you wish to buy more than one reading, maybe because you have more than one question you want answered or you are interested in regular readings, I am happy to offer a discount please just email me beforehand.

The Tarot Reading options I offer are as follows.

A 3 Card Tarot Reading: A 3 card tarot reading could give you a look at the past, present and future surrounding your question. It can also be used to give insight into the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities you seek relating to your question. There are many ways this reading can be done and you can choose this when you state your question or I can decide what would be best suited for you.

Price – £12.00

A Spiritual 3 Card Spread: Card 1 would show you what your spirit guides want you to know right now. Card 2 can tell you what action they want you to take. Card 3 can reveal how they might communicate with you this week.

Price – £12.00

A 4 Card Transition Spread: Card 1 would let you know what you need to let go off now. Card 2 will show you a way of letting go. Card 3 will enlighten you to the knowledge you will gain from the situation. Card 4 shows you how to combine the information given from the previous cards and to use them moving forward.

Price – £16.00

Advice for the Working Week Ahead: This is a 5 card spread which will give you a heads up on potential opportunities or problems which you could face in the week ahead. Card 1 reveals the likely energy of the week. Card 2 shows the potential obstacles/opportunities for the week. Card 3 tells you how to deal with or take advantage of them. Card 4 portrays the weekly lesson to be learned. Card 5 gives overall advice for the week.

Price – £18.00

Personal Power Spread: This spread is used to help you find yourself and achieve your goals. Card 1 will show you what has been holding you back. Card 2 will tell you what you need to let go off. Card 3 tells you your best asset to use when dealing with this. Card 4 shows you how to improve your feelings of self worth. Card 5 reveals your motivation. Card 6 will show you the guidance and advice from the Universe.

Price – £20.00

A Celtic Cross Tarot Reading: This is a 10 card spread which offers a more detailed reading. This spread can look into the energies of people around you, your energy, factors which have effected you from the past, what the future could hold, what to look out for and many more different possibilities. Examples of questions asked for this type of spread are: ‘Am I on the right career path ?’, ‘How can I attract the right relationship?’, ‘If I keep on this path what will the outcome be?’ or ‘Should I stay in this job or move on?’.

Price – £22.00

Any tarot reading can also be combined with other techniques to give you more out of each reading. I can also alter any Tarot Spread to be an Oracle card reading and vice versa.

Note: Once you have made your purchase you will need to email me the question you want answered from the reading, your order number and your name.

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